Mr. Rohit Mittal – Founder and Director of Unipro.


Mr. Rohit Mittal, Founder and Director of Unipro. Rohit is a distinguished alumnus from CFA Institute USA and a rank holder in Economics from Hindu College, Delhi University. With a prominent corporate background exceeding five years in mergers & acquisitions and strategy advisory, his expertise spans from startups to MNCs, including roles at KPMG and Deloitte. He led the Mergers & Acquisition team at Nova IVF, a Goldman Sachs invested company. Under his guidance, healthcare IVF units grew from 3 to 10 within a remarkable two-year timeframe, showcasing his strategic prowess and transformative leadership. The Group's foundation by the late Gopal Prasad, a luminary in both entrepreneurship and social welfare as the Vice Chancellor of Magadh University, adds a layer of distinction to the group's ethos.

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