Ms. Natasha Chopra - Director of TC Global and Ms. Bindu Chopra - Principal Consultant of TC Global.


Natasha Chopra, is Director of TC Global formerly known as “The Chopras”. Natasha has a wealth of experience in the Education industry and has played a fundamental role in leading and developing the international relations of the business with strong relationships with over 700 universities across four continents. Her other passion has been in the area of Training and up-skilling of the workforce as well as guiding young people in the achievement of their career aspirations.

Bindu Chopra is the Principal Consultant of TC Global. She started off her career in the hospitality industry but soon found her passion in global ed in the early years of her journey. Today, she is widely known as one of the leading professionals in the industry. Of over 35 years of experience, 18 have been spent shaping the lives and careers of students aspiring for an overseas education.

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