EducationToday - Panel Discussion | Classroom Management Strategies For Children With Special Needs


Inclusion in schools is a great thing. Children with special needs are now being encouraged to interact with everyone in school and are no longer isolated in “Special Ed” classrooms, Children with special needs thrive in the presence of their peers. There are so many things they can learn from other kids, and so many friendships can be formed. But how does an educator deal with these kids while remaining sensitive towards them but also maintaining discipline in the classroom? Should the kids with special needs be treated in a different way? How should the other kids be sensitized towards them? There are many such questions that arise when thinking about inclusion in schools. 
EducationToday thus invited four Principals renowned of renowned schools in India to share their views on ‘Classroom Management Strategies For Children With Special Needs’. Our panelists were - Mrs. Radhagurumurthy, the Principal of Aditiya National Public School, Bangalore; Dr. Prashanthi Shashikanth, the Principal of Zen International Public School, Bangalore; Ms. Sheeja P.R, the Principal of SNS Academy, Coimbatore and Ms. Kiran Dalal, the Principal of Bright Scholar Senior Secondary School, Sonipat.
Watch the insightful panel discussion to see what our panelists had to say about dealing with children with special needs in the classroom, as they answer some extremely pertinent questions with regard to the topic.