EducationToday - Panel Discussion | Inspiring Young India to choose teaching as a profession.


Teaching has been referred to as a Noble Profession since the very beginning. It is a profession that forms the basis of all the other occupations as everyone needs to be taught by the best teacher in order to be able to reach their goal. Despite the respect teachers receive, the teaching profession somehow continues to be a less preferred career option. Why does this mindset exist and how can we strive to change it and thus inspire the current generation to take up teaching?
It was this question that led us at EducationToday to conduct a panel discussion on the topic ‘Inspiring Young India To Choose Teaching As A Profession’, for which we invited three eminent educators from the education fraternity to share their inputs on the topic. Our panelists were: Ms. Priyanka Gulati – the Principal of Evergreen Public School, Delhi; Mrs. Vinaya H Sawant – the Principal of Indira Priyadarshini School, Bangalore and Mr. Mohammed Azhar- the Founder & Principal of Knowledge Academy School, Chennai.
Watch the insightful panel discussion to know what our panelists think about the importance of choosing teaching as a profession, as they also highlight on the various changes that have been brought in the field of teaching and education over the years.