EducationToday - Panel Discussion | Has Home Schooling Become a Conscious Choice of Parents in the Post Pandemic Era?


Welcome to education news network which is your own platform to voice your requirement difficulties and needs about education and your child's future. The sudden shift to the digital mode of teaching-learning enforced by the Covid-19 outbreak was completely unprecedented. While some parents were forced to resort to homeschooling their kids due to the adversities caused by the pandemic, there have been other parents who have consciously chosen to home school their kids. To discuss the concept of homeschooling and its repercussions of the development as well as the future of kids, we invited four eminent educators to provide their inputs- Ms. Hamsa Venugopal, Ms. Kalyani Patnaik, Ms. Manju Gupta and Ms. Jasmin Kumar. Watch the interesting panel discussion to hear them discuss the pros and cons of homeschooling and shed light on making the right decision for kids to develop them into future-ready citizens. Our Panelists- 1. Ms. Hamsa Venugopal Managing director- New Baldwin Group of Institutions, Bangalore 2. Ms. Kalyani Patnaik Principal & Head of School - Hiranandani Foundation School, Mumbai 3. Ms. Manju Gupta Former Principal- Kothari International School, Noida 4. Ms. Jasmin Kumar Founder – Rayz International Preschool, Noida