EducationToday - Panel Discussion | Long-Term Repercussions of Body Shaming A Child


In a world where we’re bombarded by social media fads, being obsessed with physical appearances has sadly become prevalent amongst people of all ages. Our conversations, advice, comments and jokes-all revolve around how we or other people look, how fat or thin, dark or fair-skinned we are. Body shaming is a practice that has been followed through generations and it is of paramount importance to understand its repercussions, particularly on children. To discuss this, we invited four eminent educators to provide their inputs and take us through the repercussions as well as offer some solutions to prevent kids from becoming victims of body shaming. Our Panelists are: Ms. Shahista Ismail - Founder / Director at FloMont World School, Bangalore Mrs. Vamsheepriya Amar - Principal at MVJ International School, Bangalore Mrs. Bharti Tanweer - Principal at Gangothri International Public School, Bangalore Ms. Poornima Prabhakar - Managing Director, Gigglezz Preschool, Bangalore Watch the insightful panel discussion to hear them talk about the effects of body shaming on children and how it is the need of the hour to normalize the differences in physical appearances and refrain from putting children down based on how they look by comparing them with each other.