Mr. Vinayak Sudhakar, the Associate Director of CIALFO - Education Today.

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Mr. Vinayak Sudhakar, the Associate Director of CIALFO Mr. Vinayak Sudhakar started his career taking on administrative roles and teaching Business Studies and Mathematics at an international School in the United Arab Emirates. He returned to India and worked in a Chartered Accounting Firm specializing in Institutional Accounting and Colleges in audit practices. In his previous role as Senior Manager, he worked with Cambridge Assessment International Education for over 15 years which was a leading provider of International examinations for ages 5 to 14 years. In his previous role in School Development, he has supported over 500 International Schools in implementing international assessments and qualifications, networking schools and training teachers to share best practices. He has a Master’s Degree in Commerce and recently completed a programme on strategic leadership for schools in a changing environment from the IIM, Ahmedabad. Vinayak Sudhakar, based in Mumbai, worked for the International Baccalaureate as the Development and Recognition Manager for India.